• What is AdShares?

    • AdShares is a way of creating and distributing online adds for your business, without the hassle of routine management of an online campaign. We take care of the all the confusing jargon that comes with online marketing, and simply get you web presence that aims to motivate customers.
  • How does AdShares? work?

    • Your part:

      • Sign up
      • Create a promotion using our easy Ad Creator to quickly make an online ad in minutes, ready for upload.
      • Prepare for new customers, or welcome back the familiar regulars.

      Our part:

      AdShares specializes in acquiring ideally calculated ad placement for your type of business. When you sign up, we start with your demographics and industry to first learn a bit about your business. Next, we align your promotion with other non-competing promotions near your business. This likens the interest level of a user who clicks an ad to receive the promotion advertised by promoting both your business, and those promoting around you. We then begin a powerful advertising motion that propagates your newly created ad online. Interested users who "click through" on a banner, will have an opportunity to print a coupon for your promotion as well as up to two more at a time. Through this "power in numbers", AdShares combines interesting, local opportunities with other non-competing businesses.

      Together, as small business owners working on the same advertising platform, awareness and exposure is increased by more than 30% using this new online strategy.

  • How much does it cost?

    • AdShares is a subscription based platform that functions according to your needs. We offer packages that range from a single ad/promotion to several at one time. There is no long term commitment, and you can cancel anytime.
  • How will AdShares help my business?

    • Most small business exist today from local support by, and around, their neighbors. AdShares can help any small business in todays market where value is at the foothold of any customer's buying decision. We can help your business gain exposure through geo-targeting, and online awareness; promoting you so you can focus on what maters most: your customers.
  • Where will my ads/coupons be placed?

    • AdShares works with many Ad campaign networks. Using a mixture of location, keywords, interests, and industry intuition, we target likely places for your ads to appear that will generate interest. These positions can range from news websites, search engines, email portals, and many other online locations.

  • Who will see my ads?

  • How can customers redeem coupons?

    • Print & Clip: Promotion redemption is an important factor to having a successful AdShares experience for both small business owners and future customers. It's the gateway to bringing new and returning customers to your door. We've thought hard about how to make the process as simple and familiar as possible: coupons. Customers , upon landing on a page after clicking an ad will be presented with coupons for your promotion. It's as easy as printing that page, and bringing you the coupon.

  • Can a customer print multiple copies of a promotion? Would we lose money?

    • With AdShares, you as a small business owner are in control. Even if a customer prints multiple copies, all coupons have a unique code to insure that duplicates will not be forged. Using an algorithm , we generate a one of a kind coupons to prevent promotional abuse. NOTE: small business owners still have the option to always honor already used/expired coupons, should they choose.

  • Is there a way for my business to keep track of our coupons?

    • Yes, there are several ways in which you can track the results of an AdShares promotion. Using our online tools, we allow small business owners the ability to see how a promotion is working. From ad clicks, to coupon prints, we can help you tweak and massage your campaign to its ideal potential. small business owners also have the option to monitor the success rate of coupon redemption using our mobile app for both iPhone and Android phones; one quick scan, and you can see results in real time.

  • What happens when my promotion ends?

    • We will remove your ad from the interweb and resolve the creation of any coupons related to your promotion. Because AdShares provides you service with a monthly subscription plan, you can still opt to continue advertising or starting a new promotion for as long as your subscription exists. For example: Your promotion lasts 15 days of a 30 day subscription. You can opt to continue running ads simply about your business (without a promotion), or start a new promotion.

    • Can I cancel anytime?

      • Built for small businesses, we have a small business mentality. Like you, customer satisfaction is first. Cancelation is as simple as a click or a call. There is never a long term commitment. Cancelation, will take effect immediately. Refunds will be issued within 60 days, should you have any existing difference from your 30 day subscription period.*

* fine print about cancelations - TBD